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At King Physical Therapy & Wellness, our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality care through physical therapy and sports medicine. Our experienced staff is committed to helping and healing. Through treatment, evaluations, and attentive care, we will get you on the path to recovery as we assist in attaining your maximum potential. We are passionate about what we do and want every patient that comes to see us, know that we have a genuine interest in improving their quality of life.


Our goal is to free you from pain

Pre-operative Physical Therapy

If you have a referral from your physician for physical therapy, our experienced team of therapists will develop an exercise program explicitly targeting your injury or problem. Physical therapy is highly beneficial for many patients before an operation, and in some cases delays or illuminates the need for surgery.

Post-operative Physical Therapy

After an operation or procedure, your doctor will refer you for physical therapy. Physical therapy will speed up recovery as our therapists work to increase your mobility and strength. Therapists can provide information concerning both expectations and limitations during the healing process.

Free Sports Injury Evaluations

Sports injury evaluations are for all people of all ages but were designed primarily with athletes in mind. Come to see us if you are experiencing swelling, pain, or discomfort in any muscle or joint. Our therapists will evaluate your injury and offer treatment options.

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic therapy consists of a private, single person underwater treadmill where the patient Is one-on-one with an aide or therapist and is able to participate in resistance exercises standing still in the water as well as walking and jogging when the treadmill is running.

Athletic Training & Sports Medicine

Scott King has provided these services to surrounding school districts for many years. At local sporting events, Scott provides immediate assessments of injuries when they occur.

First Therapy Visit
First Therapy Visit

Please bring:

  • Insurance card and photo ID.
  • Prescription / script.
  • Any information that you feel might be relevant to your visit.
Initial Evaluation
Initial Evaluation

During your first visit, your therapist will evaluate your condition or any injuries. This will give your therapist a better idea of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the therapy sessions.

Therapy Sessions
Therapy Sessions

Following your initial evaluation, you will begin attending scheduled therapy sessions on a regular basis. Our aides and therapists will assist you through your exercise programs each time that you visit. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about your routine or progress.

Periodic Evaluations
Periodic Evaluations

Over the course of your therapy, evaluations will be performed periodically to assess progress. Frequent assessments will ensure that you are healing correctly and allow our therapists to see if any specific areas need more attention.

Discharge (Release)
Discharge (Release)

Once you reach your therapy goal, both your doctor and therapist will give you a release from therapy. You may receive recommendations for further exercises to be done on your own at home after you have been released.

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